Imagine after spending years

trying to unravel the mysteries

of taxes and still learning,

I decided to venture deeper

into the heart of the Tax Jungle.

With a backpack and Armed with the title of Enrolled Agent, having passed a grueling 12-hour exam, reading several tax books, attended numerous tax seminars and battling through in-person IRS audits for many types of taxpayers and 8-figured revenue business clients, as an intrepid explorer, I embarked on a journey like no other,…

I went back to the tax jungle.

Through the dense confusion and dark foliage of tax laws and regulation jungle, I sought to find a better, safer, simpler, and faster path for business owners to cross over. I wanted to find more tools and armory to give to business owners to activate their inner Superhero power, so they defeat tax anxiety and confusion.

I wanted to simplify HOW they can maximize their Cash Flow using Turbo Spreadsheets and minimize their TAX BILL using the tax code as their MAP.

I desired to help turn business owners into --SUPERPRENEURS 2.0 so they take back their Jurisdiction of the Tax Jungle. No longer wondering but LEADING and working together with their accountant to cross over the tax jungle even faster.

With unyielding determination, I devoted countless months to this quest, often spending up to 18 hours a day immersed in my study.

When I emerged from the depths of the tax jungle, I brought with me a newfound understanding – a simplified training to empower business owners to defend themselves and take control of their Money, Time, and their biggest bill: their Tax Bill

I envisioned our Nation, regardless of culture or language, conquering the superpowers of Taxes, Accounting, and Financial Organization to skyrocket their Cash Flow and inner Peace.

This quest led me to craft a powerful tool known as the Tax Cost Scale Quadrant or Susan's TCS Quadrant, your powerful tool to guide you along the path to demystify the tax jungle.

This is the journey that led me to hard drastic changes. I started posting tax videos on YouTube, speaking to groups of business owners, posting tax content in Facebook, and training business owners.

All this, to bring about a significant transformation, assisting these incredible and responsible business owners to turbocharge their understanding about Taxes, Money, and Time Productivity.

And now, dear friend, you hold this

quadrant in your hands, a New Revelation

being unveiled to you in this electrifying

and extraordinary Digital Tax Magazine on the house.

Join me on this exhilarating journey

as we pave the way towards

financial empowerment.

Susan Ker, EA.

IRS Enrolled Agent & Financial Coach

What is an IRS Enrolled Agent?

An enrolled agent is a person who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the IRS. This elite status is the highest credential the IRS awards. Enrolled agents, like attorneys and certified public accountants (CPAs), have unlimited practice rights. This means we are unrestricted as to which taxpayers we can represent, what types of tax matters we can handle, and which IRS offices we can represent clients before.

(US Treasury Dept. Circular 230)

What is a Financial Coach?

A Financial Coach empowers people to master their organization, goals, & money, by focusing on their areas of expertise.

I focus on Tax Strategies and Wealth Building using Financial Knowledge and Organization with done for you download-and-play Turbo Spreadsheet for fast implementation.

Susan Ker, EA

IRS Enrolled Agent & Financial Coach

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There is no other one

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