Unveiling 3 Turbo Steps to Skyrocket your knowledge about TAXES & ACCOUNTING, to Takeover Your Financial Organization. It will Revolutionize the way You work with your accountant.


Susan Ker, EA.

Enrolled Agent & Financial Coach

Coaches, Consultants,

Marketers, & Tax Pros

to my Cosmic Tax Magazine, your celestial space for tax-anxious service-based business owner astronauts.

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Within the pages of this tax magazine...

You'll find a treasure trove of 

actionable strategies and

celestial insights, meticulously created to navigate the complex expanse of taxes and accounting. 

Whether you feel like you are struggling in an asteroid field of IRS regulations, feeling overwhelmed by the storm of taxes, or simply yearning for ways to optimize your financial organization trajectory, you’ve reached your celestial destination. 

Why do you need to read this magazine?

49% of businesses close within 5 years and over 90% of audited tax returns were processed incorrectly.

I am sharing this Tax Magazine to help tax frustrated business owners extinguish financial confusion instead of their own businesses. Clarity is the foundation for financial organization. Every Millionaire and Billionaire had to learn it and manage it at some point of their lives to stop financial chaos and achieve financial freedom.


My mission is to show you not your accountant or the IRS, but YOU are the King or Queen of the Tax Jungle and you’ve been given jurisdiction to unleash your ROAR  in the Tax & Accounting Organization space to work with your accountant because THERE is where your POWER is hidden.

To proactively protect and defend your most precious endeavor, called business, from extinction, and to ENJOY a lot more of your time, your cash flow, and your inner peace with your families and friends before your time is up. I simply want to activate the inner insight and resources you already have, to set free the souring potential of your business.

Transform Tax Anxieties into Tax Mastery.

Let’s Look at the Content

1. Tax Jungle Takeover

Know where you are in the Tax code to see through the lenses of the IRS your:

  • Income,

  • Occupation,

  • The most feared Tax Rates organized,

  • The maze of Tax Forms completely simplified, &

  • Your ideal business entity.

2. From the Vault of the Best Tax Treasure Strategies:

  • You will discover the 3 groups of Tax Savings.

  • Obtain a custom list of 5 of the best  Tax Strategies to strategically unleash them one by one to revolutionize the way you run your business during the year.

3. Learn the Love Language of Accounting to:

  • Learn financial literacy and accurately interpret your business rocket's turbo dials, anticipating potential pitfalls.

  • Acquire 3 powerful and easy-to-implement calculations to propel your business rocket to new heights and steer clear of potential crashes.

Let’s supercharge your Money!

Regardless of culture

or language,
I envision a


of the Superpowers in

Tax and Accounting

Organization to

skyrocket CASH FLOW &



Susan’s Version

Accounting is like having a firm yet nurturing

multi-trillionaire mom as your best friend, protecting & guiding you to escape the streets

of scarcity by turbocharging your ability to


your Cash Flow long-term.

Susan Ker, EA.

Enrolled Agent & Financial Coach

Prepare for Adventure

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The information provided in this training is based on extensive professional research in the fields of tax and accounting. However, we do not guarantee any specific results, including your ability to achieve financial success or save money using our strategies. Your outcomes will depend entirely on your own time, effort, energy, and commitment. Success in business requires a solid plan, a strong work ethic, and perseverance through challenges.

This training is designed to give you a sample of our comprehensive offerings. All relevant information is detailed in our terms, privacy policies, and disclaimers, accessible via the links on this page. If you understand and appreciate this common-sense approach to business and recognize that achieving meaningful goals requires dedication and effort, we believe you are a perfect fit for our program, and we look forward to helping you succeed. Enjoy the training!

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